E3 2018: Take a Walk with Death Stranding Gameplay Footage

June 12, 2018

It’s E3 2018 and we still have no idea how close we are to getting our hands on the highly anticipated Death Stranding, but what we did get at the Playstation Press Conference was some Death Stranding gameplay which will atleast settle our nerves as we wait to find out more about Hideo Kojima’s new project. Death Stranding was originally announced at E3 2016 and very little has been revealed over the past two years.

The new Death Stranding gameplay trailer shows Norman Reedus’s character Sam on a journey with his strange little unborn baby thing, as he struggles to hide from what Kojima has simply described as “bad things”. There’s no point trying to explain Death Stranding with words when an eight minute Death Stranding gameplay trailer is just a couple of sentences away, so read on and watch the trailer to try and figure out exactly what you’ll be doing in this adventure/horror PlayStation 4 exclusive.

It also turns out Norman Reedus is not alone, being joined by other well known actors including Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner.

Watch the official E3 2018 Death Stranding gameplay 4K trailer below:


The release date for Death Stranding is still unknown which means it’s extremely unlikely that it will arrive this year. We’re hoping for a mid 2019 release, but wouldn’t be surprised if Hideo Kojima comes out for a final Death Stranding gameplay show at E3 2019. Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw for all the latest on Death Stranding, and for more information, head to the official website here.