Win a copy of Heroes of Ruin!

June 14, 2012

Do you consider yourself a hero? Perhaps a hero of ruins? If you do, then we have just the game for you.

Heroes of Ruin, developed by n-Space, published by Square-Enix, and distributed by Nintendo, is a classic dungeon crawler for the Nintendo 3DS. As one of four unique classes, would-be warriors will embark on a multitude of quests through forgotten lands and dark dungeons, battling beasts and demons most foul. Rewards are plentiful, as Heroes of Ruin promises more loot drops than you can shake a Battle Axe of +4 Fire Damage at. Yep, Heroes of Ruin is all about classic action dungeon crawling on the go. Best of all, full local and online multiplayer support allows you and three friends to band together and conquer dungeons and bosses together. Just don’t get greedy with the loot!

Heroes of Ruin will be available in stores (AU/NZ) on June 21st. To celebrate this release the ancient battlemasters of Nintendo of Australia have teamed up with us grizzled sellswords at Rocket Chainsaw to give away one free copy of Heroes of Ruin for Nintendo 3DS. To enter, prove your bravery in 25 words or less, answering this question:

Which of the four Heroes of Ruins classes will you play as, and why?
Send through your answer to, and make to include your name, address and a contact phone number.

To assist your answer, here’s a brief rundown of the four classes.

  • The Savage: Exiled from his tribe, now seeking fame and glory, the Savage specialises in brute force offensive strategy, preferring to let his fists do all the talking while draining enemy life force.
  • The Alchitect: An elven student from a far off academy, the Alchitect has trained hard in the mastery of spellcraft and magic. Combined with her staff, she is a force to be reckoned with.
  • The Vindicator: Justice and honour, that is the way of the Vindicator. Using his beast-like roars and taunts, the Vindicator strips enemies of their defences, finishing them off with his mighty sword.
  • The Gunslinger: Where money is to be found, so too will you find the Gunslinger. This mercenary prefers to keep his distance, using pistols, explosives and speed to keep enemies at bay.

To try out both the Vindicator and the Gunslinger for yourself, along with some questing, jump to the Nintendo 3DS eShop and grab yourself the Heroes of Ruin demo. Or, for quick and easy access to the demo’s download, snap a shot of the QR Code below.

Special thanks to Nintendo of Australia for making this competition possible.

Entry is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand. Competition deadline ends 11:59pm Thursday 21st June 2012. One entry per person. Best answer will be chosen as the winner.