Wednesday Gaming News – 27/11/13

November 27, 2013

  • Gaming PC company iBUYPOWER has unveiled a prototype of a Steam Machine, which it hopes to launch next year for USD$499. As The Verge reports, the machine, which will run Steam OS, has some heft behind it, both in terms of size and power. You can expect a multicore AMD CPU and a AMD Radeon R9 270 graphics card. Buy this, and it looks like you really will be buying power.
  • Skylanders fans can go into a collecting frenzy with the new Skylanders Collection Vault app, which is out today on iOS devices. The app allows players to manage their collections, compare them with their friends’ and create a wishlist to share with any generous souls who may be looking for the perfect gift.
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to mobile devices sometime in December and will be updated with remastered graphics and a new checkpoint system. Although the game will come with touch controls, there will be full controller support too. As our very own Adam Ghiggino put it: “We put a train in your iPhone so you can catch the train while you catch the train.”
  • Atlus showered the world with a smattering of Persona-related news over the weekend, with Persona 5, a Persona 3 and Persona 4 dungeon crawling mashup title, a dancing game and a Persona 4 Arena sequel in the works. If that wasn’t enough, the company has now announced the second part of the Persona 3 movie, which will be released next year. The first part debuted over the weekend.
  • French fantasy MMO Wakfu now has dedicated Asia Pacific servers, so players in the region can expect better performance and reliability from now on. Deciding if now is a good time to start playing? Perhaps this trailer can answer some questions:

  • Typing of the Dead Overkill just got a little more cultured, with Shakespeare DLC now available for purchase. For USD$2.99, you can now slam your hands on the keyboard to the words of The Bard himself, all while slaughtering undead scum.
  • If you’re reading this, you obviously love gaming and are at least impartial to the activity of reading. So why not check out StoryBundle’s Video Game Bundle 2.0, which throws in a stack of eBooks about the history of gaming, the Dreamcast, vapourware and more?
  • Jane Jensen, she of Gabriel Knight fame, has a point-and-click adventure game titled Moebius coming out. Here’s the new trailer: