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Skylanders SuperCharged Gets amiibo Support

Nintendo have been teasing us since last years E3 show, that they might look towards partnering with other “Toys to Life” franchises to include amiibo support, and today we saw Nintendo’s first partnership with Skylanders SuperCharged.

Two special amiibo figures of Donkey Kong and Bowser are being made for Skylanders SuperCharged. Unlike a normal amiibo, they have a switch on the bottom of their base that allows them to switch between Skylanders mode, and amiibo mode. When in Skylanders mode, the characters can be summoned in to Skylanders SuperCharged alongside their special vehicles to partake in the adventure. When in amiibo mode the figures function similarly to the pre-existing Donkey Kong and Bowser amiibo, and will work with all compatible games. Nintendo and Activision also teased that there may be more announcements to come during E3, so we may see some more Nintendo characters popping up.

Zachary Clarke

Zach is a unabashed Nintendo fanatic, however that doesn't mean he doesn't partake in the forbidden fruits of Playstation & Xbox consoles... he even plays on PC from time to time. Zach has dabbled in the video game industry in a number of ways over the past few years, from writting content for Gonintendo & Another Castle, to running the Society for Electronic Entertainment at the University of Melbourne. There is nothing more he loves than getting together, either online or offline with a bunch of fellow gamers, to yell at each other until we just want to punch one another in the throat while discussing video games.


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