Wednesday Gaming News 20/11/2013

November 20, 2013

  • Amid all the news of the nasty “blue light of death” problems Sony’s recently-launched PlayStation 4 is facing, the company has told Engadget that less than one percent of shipped consoles have issues. Sony has said that there are varying causes, but the good news is that they are investigating each one and have provided troubleshooting steps for those affected.
  • Marks your diaries, Persona fans – Atlus have a big announcement to make about the franchise this weekend, which you can watch on the teaser website. Signs point towards a Persona 4 sequel of sorts, as clicking on the boxes on the website reveals images of Teddie, and voice actress Karen Strassman has listed Persona 4, Vol. 2 and Golden 2 Persona 4 on her online resume. Still, we bet some of you can bear-ly wait!
  • If you’ve encountered the ‘blocking error’ issue when trying to load up Call of Duty: Ghosts for PC, the latest patch might come as a blessing. The update reduces the amount of RAM the game needs to run from 6GB to 4GB, along with improved performance and stability and a range of other fixes that can be checked out here.
  • Daily dose of cool: a Japanese high school has built a replica of bipedal mech Metal Gear REX (from Metal Gear Solid) for its culture festival.
  • Finally, here’s a launch trailer for Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!