Wednesday Gaming News – 11/9/13

September 11, 2013

  • The newest game in Namco Bandai’s fighting game series Soulcalibur is going free to play, as detailed by Famitsu and translated by Siliconera. The game, Soulcalibur: Lost Swords will rely on in-game transactions and item sales to pull in the dollars.
  • Speaking of Famitsu, the magazine has leaked details about the upcoming Final Fantasy AgitoAgito will be an iOS/Android 3D game, with a virtual joystick and buttons spotted on the leaked screenshots of the game. The game will be out in Q4 in Japan.
  • In more mobile news and Namco Bandai news, the company will be porting Tales of Phantasia to iOS in Q3 this year. As detailed on TaleTale Source, the game will be free to play but features microtransactions, such as for reviving their party. The port will be based off the PSP release a few years back, meaning that the graphics are a substantial improvement on the Super Famicom version of the game.
  • The latest game in the iOS series Infinity Blade will be released next week. Titled, er, Infinity Blade III, the game marks the series’ conclusion and will be available for US$6.99. Check out the trailer below:

  • In line with the release of the newest Riddick movie this week, Vin Diesel has let slip to Screencrush that a third Riddick game is in the works.
  • Metro: Last Light is now available for Mac users on Steam.
  • The follow-up to one of this year’s biggest PlayStation Vita releases, Soul Sacrifice Delta is in the works. Here’s a teaser trailer to whet your appetite: