Daily Gaming News – 3/7/2013

July 3, 2013

  • NEWS: A mere week after Blizzard reported a spike in unauthorised logins, Ubisoft’s servers have been hacked. Users of the UPlay service are advised to change their passwords. The thread on Ubisoft’s forums can be found here.
  • NEWS: Nintendo has lost its dispute against a cybersquatter who registered the domain name WiiU.com. As Eurogamer reports, the company has said it will continue its fight for the domain and is considering other legal options.
  • NEWS: In other news about Ubisoft, the company has stated in an interview with The Guardian that the plan on utilising the IP on their upcoming cyberpunk title, Watch Dogs, for at least the next ten years.
  • NEWS: Remember Outcast, the open-world action-adventure game that was released in 1999? The founders of the development studio behind the title are looking to reviving the franchise.
  • NEWS: In more about the Saints Row IV debacle, a “Low Violence” version of the game has popped up on the Steam store.
  • NEWS: Cult hit Tokyo Jungle is making its way to PlayStation Mobile devices (i.e. PlayStation Vita and select Android devices). The details, leaked by Famitsu and reported by Siliconera, suggest that this isn’t the original version of the game, but rather one played from a top down perspective.
  • NEWS: Klei Entertainment, the developer of Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja, has announced its new game via Twitter. The game, Incognita, is described as a turn-based tactical espionage game.
  • VIDEO: People who pre-order of the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will receive an interesting bonus: Cloud Strife’s SOLDIER outfit.

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