Daily Gaming News – 06/05/13

May 6, 2013

  • NEWS: We’re all used to DRM horror stories in this day and age (unfortunately), and Square-Enix could be the next company to join a growing list of anti-consumer practices. According to reports on the Square-Enix forum and NeoGAF, users who purchased the digital re-release of Final Fantasy VII for PC have made the rude discovery that the game is no longer downloadable after a thirty day period. This leaves buyers with two choices: pirate, or pay for the game all over again. Tech support seems unable to help those who’ve hit this snag, but for the time being we’ll given Square-Enix the benefit of the doubt, that this is an unintended kink soon to be ironed out. We hope so, anywho.
  • NEWS: Our review for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is almost here. And, if we’re lucky, a sequel may fallow. VG247 have spoken to legendary voice actor Michael Biehn, voice of the Blood Dragon protagonist, who claims that Ubisoft are interested in turning the pack into a series. Direct to VHS, we’d hope.
  • NEWS: What will come as no surprise to anybody, Sims 4 is probably on the way, and to be announced quite soon. Like, tomorrow. Sims VIP has been invited to some kind of EA announcement for Monday in the United States (which is roughly Tuesday for us), and numerous registered The Sims 4 domain names have popped up. Coincidence? We think not.
  • VIDEO: Yet another trailer for Free Radicals long cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront III has leaked, showcasing alpha footage of foot and vehicle combat, including space-to-planet flight.

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