Daily Gaming News – 13/7/13

July 13, 2013

  • NEWS: The Steam Summer Sale continues! – There’s some great new bargains today, including one of 2012’s best games: all 5 episodes of The Walking Dead can be yours for just $6.25.
  • NEWS: Good news, League of Legends players! The US government now recognises the game as a professional sport. This means that international players who are competing in championships will be granted US visas.
  • NEWS: Ubisoft have promised that more details about the next Far Cry game will be coming soon. Not trying to hide the fact that the next title is on the way, Tony Key also spoke about the current demand for open world games.
  • NEWS: Nippon Ichi Software have announced two new PlayStation Vita games today. The first is a Vita port of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, which was originally released for PlayStation 3 in late 2011. The second one is a remake of one of their earlier titles, Criminal Girls, which is an action RPG.
  • VIDEO:  Nintendo have released a new trailer for Pokemon X and Y, which reveals the Pokemon Professor of the new Kalos region, as well as two new Gym Leaders, and the game’s evil organisation, Team Flare.
[youtube id=”LTjZ8TDUxYs” width=”600″ height=”350″]
  • NEWS: Konami are the latest victims of a hacker attack. The Konami ID portal website has logged over 30,000 unauthorised logins, and the company is recommending that people should change their passwords immediately.
  • NEWS: Miyamoto is hopeful about the Wii U’s future, as he explained during an interview with Japanese website 4Gamer. He acknowledged that things aren’t easy at Nintendo right now, and said that problems with shaders have caused delays in the release of some of the company’s games. He urged people to pick up a Wii U soon, pointing out the titles that will be released a bit later on this year.
  • NEWS: Killzone fans have a good opportunity today, as Sony are accepting applications for the closed multiplayer beta of the upcoming Vita title, Killzone: Mercenary. You can have your go at signing up right now.
  • VIDEO: Sony have released a new gameplay trailer for Assassin’s Creed IV, showing off the game’s naval exploration. It’s shaping up well.

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