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Tales of Xillia Gets A European Trademark

Tales of Graces f has only been available in the U.S for about a week, but it seems that Namco Bandai are already considering a localisation for the next game in the Tales series. As reported by Siliconera, a European trademark filing has been discovered for the PlayStation 3 exclusive Tales of Xillia. You can view the listing below:

While this is by no means a confirmation that the game will receive a localisation,  the fact that Namco Bandai are seriously considering it is a very good sign. The Japanese version of the game was released back in September of last year, and was officially the most pre-ordered Tales game ever. With over 200,000 pre-orders, the game has gone on to sell over 740,000 copies, making it the best selling title in the series since Tales of Destiny 2 was released there in 2002.

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