Posted July 24, 2020 by David Latham in Feature

Watch Dogs Legion Resistance Trailer Features Idiots

Fresh from the Xbox Game Showcase that occured overnight, the official Xbox Youtube channel has just uploaded a brand new Watch Dogs Legion ‘Resistance’ trailer demonstrating all the different people you can recruit for your resistance, such as super-spies, construction workers, and idiots.

The new bleep-filled two and a half minute trailer shows off several prominent locations across London including the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace (including a look inside the throne room) and the Secret Intelligence Service headquarters on the Thames.

It also shows various gameplay classes that will be available to you, the resistance recruiter, as you build your own unique team to take down the private security force Albion and fight back against the oppressive forces that have put you in lockdown.

Click here to check out the full Watch Dogs Legion map with our estimates of how big it will be.

Watch the official Watch Dogs Legion Resistance Trailer below:


Recruit and play as ANYONE in London as you build a resistance to save the city from corrupt private military, human traffickers, and authoritarian rule. Find legendary characters or transform ordinary citizens into extraordinary heroes. Welcome to the Resistance!

Watch Dogs Legion launches on October 29 on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. Don’t forget, console owners get a free upgrade to the next generation Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when they launch. For more information, head to the official Watch Dogs Legion website.

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