Tim Schafer confirms funding secure for Broken Age Act 2

February 23, 2014

In an interview with Gamesindustry.biz, Double Fine founder and all-around video game legend Tim Schafer has confirmed that the funding needed for the second and final act of Broken Age is secured, and that development is well under way.

The developer has come under fire on the internet for delivering what many have said was an underwhelming game. Schafer also talks about the lessons the company has learned from the release of the first act, and how the weight of expectation may have ultimately led to the response that Broken Age has received.

Schafer also mentioned how the company had dealt with the internet hate that it had received, likening it to the demon from the Paranormal Activity films. “The demon expert is like, ‘Stop doing this. Stop paying attention to it. Stop filming it. The more you engage with this demon, the more you call it into this world.’ Twitter haters are the same way. If you start to pay attention to them, the demon grows and gets bigger and starts to become real,” he said.

He also discusses the moral contract that comes from Kickstarter funding, contrasting it with the legal contract that a publisher would give. “If you take money from a publisher, it’s a contract you fulfill or they’ll sue you. Here it was just a moral contract with the backers to do right by them, and that felt in some ways a lot stronger.”

The second act of Broken Age is a free update for anyone who bought the first act, and will be out later this year.