THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy gets localised

March 23, 2012

Japanophile gamers will be used to the most quirky and obscure games from the East rarely getting localised. Us Westerners just don’t ‘get’ it, you know? But, every once in awhile, the East treats us to a taste of the strange, and today that dish is served up by Square Enix.

Confirmed via press release, Square Enix intend to bring the 3DS rythem adventure THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy to both Europe and the United States by the end of the year. An oddball entry for the Final Fantasy franchise, THEATRHYTHM takes place across numerous scenarios from the Final Fantasy saga, with cameos of series’ favourites like Cloud, Bartz and Lightning. To beat each scenario, players are challenged with musical mini-games and battle gimmicks that make full use of rhythms and beats from compositions found throughout the series. In all, it’s good, silly fun.

Though a local release has not been confirmed, European localisation guaranties PAL gamers, like us, will be able to play the game in some form. Meanwhile a US localisation gives imported console owners something to be excited about as well.

We’ll have more on THEARTRHYTHM‘s localisation as soon as we can.