Team Fortress 2 Meets Sleeping Dogs

August 12, 2012

Well, here’s a crossover we didn’t see coming. Valve have announced today that they’ve gotten together with the crew behind Sleeping Dogs to bring a new map to Team Fortress 2, along with a new ‘Triad Pack’. The map is called ‘Kong King’, and will be the game’s first city-themed map. Based in the streets of China, it has also had input from community member Valentin Levillain. The King of the Hill map will be available to all Team Fortress 2 players on Steam. The Team Fortress 2 ‘Triad Pack’, on the other hand, is a Steam exclusive pre-order bonus for Sleeping Dogs. The ‘Triad Pack’ will reward Team Fortress players with 8 all new items and weapons, which tie in with the Sleeping Dogs theme. The 8 items are:

  • The Neon Annihilator weapon

– 100% critical hits against wet players.

– 20% slower firing speed.

  • The Triad Trinket

– A new necklace accessory for the Sniper, Spy, Heavy, Engineer and Scout.

  • The Champ Stamp

– A tattoo accessory for the Heavy, Scout, Engineer and Sniper.

  • The Huo Long Heatmaker minigun

– A new weapon for the Heavy which sustains a ring of flames when fired.

  • The Human Cannonball

– A helmet accessory for all classes.

  • The Flying Guillotine

– A new secondary weapon for the Scout.

– Makes enemies bleed.

– Long distance hits cause mini critical hits.

– Gains 100% critical hits against stunned players.

  • The Red-Tape Recorder

– A new sapper for the Spy.

– Reverses enemy building construction.

– 100% sapper damage penalty

  • The Marxman

– A comical glasses accessory for all classes.

The new map and pre-order pack will be available when the PC version of Sleeping Dogs releases on the 16th of August.