Sunday Gaming News – 9/12/2012

December 9, 2012

There was no news today. Go away. Come back again tomorrow.

Still here? Oh alright then…

  • Maybe I can distract you with the latest edition of Iwata Asks! This edition includes some juicy prototype images of the Wii U gamepad, and an insight into how the gamepad design came about. More generally, the subject for this edition is Nintendo Land.
  • Even though it’s his 25th anniversary, Mega Man has been getting the short end of the stick from Capcom. While certain other Capcom franchises have had all kinds of lavish celebrations, Mega Man seems to be all but forgotten by the publisher. Fortunately, fans never forget, and one of them has created a fan game for the blue bomber. The best part is that it’s Mega Man X Street Fighter, and it’s coming out for free on December 17. Actually, that’s not quite the best part. The real best part is that Capcom themselves have given the title their blessing, showing that they do in fact care.
  • The folks behind The Homebrew Channel for the Wii have managed to get it running on the Wii U. The channel is actually running in the Wii U’s Wii emulation mode, so this isn’t a proper hack to get your own code running on the new console, but rather a way to continue using your HBC tools on the original Wii. According to the developers, Nintendo fixed the most recent exploit used by the HBC, but never patched the Wii’s operating system. The fix is in the Wii U’s emulation, however.
  • Finally, here’s a 32-minute speed run of Dark Souls. Yes: