Sunday Gaming News – 28/4/2013

April 28, 2013

It’s Sunday, which means I have to take time out from pwning noobs on 2fort and badlands and bring you the news. Such is life.

  • NEWS: Destructoid are reporting that the problems experienced by players of the PC versions of Star Trek and Dead Island: Riptide are due to issues with Steam. According to the story, the fact that the games have different release dates in different regions was preventing players from using the online co-op modes in both games. It’s possible the problems are also affecting Monaco: What’s Mine is Yours.
  • NEWS: After touting it as a possibility earlier on, it seems that CDProjekt Red have decided not to incorporate a multiplayer mode in the studio’s upcoming The Witcher 3 title. Eurogamer confirmed with the studio that it wasn’t going to be a part of the game, with head of marketing Michal Platkow-Gilewski saying “Geralt can only be one.”
  • NEWS: There is trouble in the land of Thief. The upcoming reboot of the classic sneak-em-up series has been beset by delays, internal politics and high-level departures according to Polygon. The game began development around the same time as Deux Ex: Human Revolution, which was released to critical acclaim in 2011. Thief has undergone numerous redesigns, and Square Enix has even had to source external funding to keep the game’s development going. There’s currently no release date for the game.
  • NEWS: After Nintendo announced it wouldn’t be doing a pre-E3 press conference this year, some started questioning the relevance of the event. Now another major publisher has pulled out altogether, with 2K announcing they won’t even have a booth this year.

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