Sunday Gaming News – 4/8/2013

August 4, 2013

Hello! I’m taking some time out from driving trucks around Europe to bring you the news…

  • Last weekend saw an absolutely massive battle take place in EVE Online. Known as the Battle for 6VDT-H, the event was so big it made it to major news sites around the world, including the BBC. EVE developer CCP have written a blog post detailing the battle, and including statistics on how many players were involved and how it unfolded. The post also details the way EVE’s underlying systems are designed to handle such huge battles.
  • Beat Hazard Ultra has made over $2 million since it launched three years ago. Given that it cost its developer, Steve Hunt, $70000 to make, that’s a pretty good return.
  • Sony Online Entertainment has revealed lots of new information about its upcoming MMO title Everquest Next. According to SOE head John Smedley, the game is aiming to reinvent the MMO genre by moving away from Dungeons & Dragons-inspired mechanics, and also by allowing players to create their own content using a companion title, Everquest Next Landmark. Landmark is very much inspired by Minecraft, and will allow players to create and profit from content in the main game.
  • Version 3.0 of Super Mario Crossover has been released. The game, which started out allowing you to play the original Super Mario Bros using a variety of different NES heroes, has evolved to include 192 new levels, several new characters and skins mimicking different NES titles. You can play the latest version of the game right here.

This week’s photo was taken by me.