Sunday Gaming News – 19/5/2013

May 19, 2013

It’s a glorious Sunday afternoon here at Battle Arena Melbourne, so here’s some news for you.

  • After eight years, the original Guild Wars is being put out to pasture. The game will continue to be live and playable, however, ArenaNet are moving to automate the game so that it can “maintain itself”. This involves updating the tournament system so that ArenaNet staff no longer have to maintain rankings or ladders manually. A small team will still be around to fix any remaining bugs in the 8-year-old MMO, but there will be no new content for the title.
  • Team Fortress 2 has received its latest update, “Robotic Boogaloo“. The update marks the first time a TF2 update has consisted entirely of community-created items. Players have been receiving special Robo-crates for a number of weeks now, and the keys needed to unlock them are available on the TF2 store for the standard price of $2.49.
  • Mark Rein, founder of Epic Games, has never been one to shy away from saying what he thinks. This time, he’s having a crack at Intel, blaming them for stifling innovation in the PC graphics space. While most of us would think that NVidia and AMD are doing a lot of innovation and advancement in the graphics space, Rein has a point when he says that Intel’s integrated chips, known for their mediocrity when it comes to gaming, are the dominant GPU maker thanks to the integrated GPUs that ship with the majority of Intel’s CPUs.

This week’s image is the original Ranger artwork from Guild Wars.