Sunday Gaming News – 11/8/2013

August 11, 2013

Well, we have a new look here at Rocket Chainsaw (we hope you like it!), so I get to do the honours of the first new-look gaming news.

  • Microsoft have now confirmed that the next XBox 360 dashboard update will bring “local currency” to the service, replacing the Microsoft Points system that was used since the launch of the 360. Points will be converted to currency at launch, however any money thus converted will expire in 2015. Currency added after conversion will not expire.
  • Project Phoenix is a new project that, according to reports features an incredible array from talent. Aside from being headed by Hiroaki Yuka, the game also features art direction from Kiyoshi Arai (Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIV), music from Nobuo Uematsu, and a lead designer from “a leading anime mecha designer that changed the course of Japanese pop culture’s influence on the world”. That’s not counting talent from teams that worked on Diablo III, Halo 4, Crysis 3, L.A. Noire, World of Warcraft, SoulCalibur V and The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. A kickstarter for the game goes live later this week. The only downside, so far, is the main character, an amnesiac angel named Ruffles.
  • Amazon is rumoured to be working its own Android-powered gaming system. Details are sketchy, but it will likely be powered by Qualcomm’s SnapDragon MPQ chip and it’s being developed by the same team that developed the Kindle.
  • A while ago, we brought you news of the world’s most expensive video game, an edition of Grid 2 that came with an entire BAC Mono sports car. Well, it’s now been surpassed by Saints Row IV‘s “Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition”, a version of the game that comes with not one, but two cars(a Lamborghini Gallardo and… a Toyota Prius?), a space flight, a stay at the Burj Dubai, a dubstep gun (no word on whether or not it works) a “hostage rescue experience” and a number of other things. Unfortunately, Ars Technica did the math and discovered that it’s exceptionally poor value, with a total cost for all items of US$629,974.69.

This week’s photo is a statue of Kyo Kusanagi I found in a dodgy bargain shop in Glenroy. Huh.