Super Bomberman R Uses In-game Currency to Continue

January 15, 2017

After years without a new release and Konami seeming to have largely left the video game industry, it came as a surprise when Super Bomberman R was announced as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. Only a small amount of gameplay was shown, so Nintendo’s Treehouse employees took to the stage to showcase the game during their live showcase of Nintendo Switch titles.

One thing to have come out of that stream is that Super Bomberman R will contain an in-game currency that can be used to unlock costumes, but also to continue your game. Generally speaking, the only games you really see that contain currency based continues tend to also include the options to buy said currency as a micro-transaction using real dollars. While it was confirmed that you can earn this currency while playing the game, there was no indication given on how quickly you earn it or clarification as to whether or not you can purchase it.

There’s no reason yet to get too concerned about this in-game currency inclusion, but keep your eyes out closer to launch when we might see some confirmation on if the game really does include micro-transactions.


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