Sunday Gaming News – 10/11/2013

November 10, 2013

It’s Blizzcon weekend, and we all know what that means…

  • Blizzard has revealed the next major expansion for World of WarcraftTitled Warlords of Draenor, the new expansion takes players back in time, before the Orc homeworld of Draenor was shattered. The level cap is being raised a full ten levels this time (as opposed to the five levels of each of the last two expansions) taking players up to level 100. Alongside this, players will be able to instantly level a character all the way to 90 so they can jump straight into the new content. There’s also a new garrison system that allows players to build their own base in the new world. Here’s the official trailer:

  • Here’s another video showing the new zones in comparison to how they appeared in The Burning Crusade.

  • And finally, a look at the two starting zones:

  • Blizzard also released some footage of Diablo III running on the Playstation 4:

  • And a new video showing off the new Nephalem Rifts feature in the upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion:

  • Blizzard has also released the cinematic trailer for its upcoming MOBA title, Heroes of the Storm. The game combines heroes from all of Blizzard’s franchises, and looks to pick up where the original Defence of the Ancients left off:

  • There’s also a Heroes of the Storm gameplay trailer:

  • Finally, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the online digital card game Blizzard have been developing, is headed to Android and iOS.
  • It looks like Wii Party U may just be the system seller Nintendo have been looking for, at least in Japan. The game sold just over 37000 copies last week, and the Wii U itself shifted 38000, up from just a few thousand the week before.
  • An analyst at Nomura has come to the conclusion that Microsoft is still losing huge sums of money on its XBox division. According to Rick Sherlund, Microsoft is still losing up to US$2 billion a year on the division, however clever accounting is hiding the losses by covering them with the royalties Microsoft receives from its patents on Google’s Android operating system. Sherlund has also speculated that Ford CEO Alan Mulally will be the next CEO of Microsoft.
  • Here’s a Dead Rising 3 story trailer:

Today’s image is, of course, a new-look gnome. ©Blizzard.