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Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Expansion Details and Trailers

Blizzard has announced a new expansion for their free-to-play online collectible card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The expansion, titled Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. The expansion will add three clans: The Grimy Goons, The Kabal, and the Jade Lotus. It will also introduce new tri-class cards, which will be race dependent. Blizzard also showed a cinematic trailer and a gameplay trailer for Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan at BlizzCon.

You can view the two announcement trailers for Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan from BlizzCon below:

Gadgetzan is a town in Tanaris, which was a very popular world PVP destination in vanilla World of Warcraft due to it having a necessary flight path to reach end-game areas, world events and raids in the desolate zone known as Silithus. The town of Gadgetzan was always goblin-heavy, so we weren’t surprised to see the trailer for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft full of goblins doing goblin things. Just one of many announcements at BlizzCon this year, check back with Rocket Chainsaw for more BlizzCon news.

Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is set to be released next month in December 2016 for Windows PC, and will add 132 new cards for players to collect.

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