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Elysium WoW Legacy Server hits 7,500 Concurrent Players in Stress Test #1

Elysium WoW Legacy Server
Elysium WoW Legacy Server

The Elysium WoW Legacy Server had its first important stress test on Sunday to see how the server responded to the demand of players wanting to experience the original World of Warcraft. The response was overwhelming. With more than 20,000 new accounts created, and at one time the server hosted 7,500 concurrent players, legacy World of Warcraft proved to be overwhelmingly popular.

Recently Blizzard stated there would be no talk of official WoW legacy servers at BlizzCon 2016 and were true to their promise. They did however say they would be open for discussions after the dust of BlizzCon 2016 had settled. There has still been no word from Blizzard however, and Elysium is still going full steam ahead with their plans.

Elysium announced the stress test with a trailer below, creating excitement and nostalgia for fans that want to relive their World of Warcraft legacy, or as other fans call it ‘Vanilla WoW‘.


The server, in case you haven’t guessed, is World of Warcraft pre expansions. To date there are six World of Warcraft expansions spanning over more than a decade of gaming. The original World of Warcraft launched in November 2004, with the first expansion The Burning Crusade being released in January 2007.

The official message from Elysium regarding Stress Test #1 stated the test went according to plans, and the next test will be next weekend:

Elysium WoW Legacy Server Stress Test Official Statement:

Dear players, we want to thank you again for joining us today on the stress test. We’re happy to announce that the test went very well, and we have all the data we hoped to gain from this initial test. We peaked at 7.500 players, and had over 20 thousand accounts created. We have already begun preparing for next week’s test. We ask that you join us again this coming weekend to test the Nostalrius PvP & Elysium fresh realm hardware! We expect to be able to hold double the amount of players with the next test, so make sure to fit it in to your schedule! The time will be the same as this week. Sunday, November 27th at 12:00 PM EST/18:00 GMT+1! Looking forward to watching the level one masses tackle the world!

Previously, Blizzard has cracked down on unofficial servers due to the ability to play World of Warcraft without purchasing Blizzard’s subscription, however Elysium has fought back, claiming there is a demand for legacy WoW servers. It will be interesting to see who deals the next blow in the continuing argument between Elysium and Blizzard, however at this stage the Elysium WoW legacy server is becoming more and more popular.

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