Rumour: Mafia III in development for next-generation

August 8, 2012

Fans of open world organised crime gaming, as well as fancy trench coats and cool hats, will be pleased with this latest rumour. According to Eurogamer’s Czech branch, work has already begun on Mafia III.

The rumour claims that 2K Czech, creators of the popular Mafia series, began work on a third iteration of the franchise quite some time ago. In fact, they fully intended Mafia III to be a launch title on next generation systems. However, staff lay-offs around September of lass year saw ~ forty personnel lose their jobs, causing the studio to re-evaluate deadlines and cancel these launch titles plans. But don’t fret, Mafia III still exists (apparently), but will launch a little later into next generation.

Though the series has been met with critical acclaim, the release of Mafia II was met with a little controversy. According to some team members, the game was released in a state different from the designer’s intentions, with publisher 2K Games deliberately holding back content from the original release to be later sold as DLC. Mafia series creator, designer and writer for both games, Daniel Vávra, was particularly vocal about claims of cut content from Mafia II, going so far as to issue a petition to 2K Games requesting the restoration of removed content.

Vávra would later leave 2K Czech to found Warhorse Studios, so if Mafia III does indeed exist he will no longer be penning the story nor overseeing the game’s design.

2K Games is yet to comment on the rumour. When they do, you know we’ll have the goods.