Our First In-Depth Look At Mafia: Definitive Edition Gameplay Is Here

July 23, 2020

It feels like only a couple of months ago that 2K announced both Mafia Trilogy and its showpiece Mafia: Definitive Edition. Well, that’s probably because they really only were announced a couple of months ago, with Mafia II: Definitive Edition and Mafia III: Definitive Edition both launching at the time of release with no warning. While Mafia II: Definitive Edition looked to be a relatively standard remaster, we now have our first Mafia: Definitive Edition gameplay which shows that the game is anything but a standard remaster.

A full remake, Mafia: Definitive Edition has been rebuilt from the ground up, promising the same great experience as the original game, but with significantly better graphics, new modern controls and a bunch of additional content as well. Our first good look at Mafia: Definitive Edition comes in the form of an extended gameplay trailer, featuring narration by Hangar 13 President and Chief Creative Officer Haden Blackman, comes in the form of a deep dive into one of the game’s better known missions, A Trip to the Country.

The gameplay trailer shows off both the games new controls, which definitely look more modern than the original 2002 release, as well as giving us a good, long look at just how well the game is being remade for modern systems. After watching the trailer and checking out the screenshots below, there’s no doubt at all that Hangar 13 are really trying to live up to their promise of this being the best Mafia possible.

Mafia: Definitive Edition releases on September 25th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more information, check out the game’s official website.