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Quantic Dreams’ Detroit announced

During Sony’s media preview at Paris Games Week, Quantic Dreams revealed their next title will be Detroit: Become Human.

The game will be a PS4 exclusive, and is based on a tech demo the company showed off in 2012. The tech demo showed an android named Kara coming to life in a factory and slowly coming to terms with her newfound life and sense of will. As Kara left the factory many wondered just what was next for her, and now Detroit: Become Human will tell the rest of her story.

Most of the reveal trailer is a monologue of Kara discovering the world. There are scenes showing Kara experiencing rain for the first time and mentioning how she was overcome by the sense of smell and touch. Kara also mentions how the world isn’t how she imagined it, and hints that the story will involve other androids.

It is currently unknown when Detroit: Become Human will be released. The full trailer can be viewed below.


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