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Dreams From Media Molecule Announced E3 2015 – Sony Recap

Media Molecule (famous for bringing us Little Big Planet), have shown their newest title Dreams at E3 2015. Dreams takes their passion for making games about imagination and creativity to the next level.

The trailer featured in Sony’s E3 press conference showed off a number of “dreams” that were all created on a PS4 using the game. It isn’t entirely clear how players create these dreams or how exactly you interact with them, however it is clear that the game shows the potential to be able to create a wide variety of different worlds and characters. Ranging from cute polar bears playing in the snow, to a man trying to escape from danger on a futuristic hover-bike, the only thing limiting you as the player is your own imagination.

While the teaser for Dreams raised hundreds of questions, it seems we won’t be receiving any answers until Paris Games Week, which takes place in October this year.

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