PAX Aus 2023: Bethesda announces several events for fans

September 21, 2023

After treating people in town for PAX Aus last year to their Worlds of Bethesda event, this year Bethesda has once again announced a series of events for the community around PAX, with some pretty unique ideas.

First up, there’s a community party celebrating The Elder Scrolls Online, specifically the latest Necrom expansion, with an Apocrypha-themed party at Cargo Hall. Rich Lambert, ZOS Creative Director, will also be in attendance for a meet-and-greet. This free community event can be booked via their Eventbrite page.

Next, Bethesda’s remaining line-up is getting some recognition (even surprise darling Hi-Fi Rush from earlier in the year) with the ‘Brushes and Brews’ experience. This is a unique painting class held at the MCEC alongside PAX, with classes held on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of PAX Aus. The idea is to help attendees paint their own ‘masterpieces’ themed around games like Hi-Fi RushFallout 76, Starfield and Elder Scrolls Online. Tickets are free, but you must have a PAX Aus 2023 pass to enter, and it’s only open to 18+ attendees. You can also book tickets at their Eventbrite page.

Finally, as part of PAX itself, Yamaha will be featuring Hi-Fi Rush with their display of their ‘True X Wireless Surround System’, while Rich Lambert and Jon Johanas will participate in the ‘Fireside Chat with Bethesda’ panel at 2PM AEDT on Saturday. Simon Alty, VP & Managing Director of Bethesda APAC, will also participate in a panel ‘The Year that was PAX Aus 2013’ at 3:30PM AEDT on Friday.