Interactive Bethesda exhibit comes to Melbourne International Games Week

September 26, 2022

Bethesda have announced they are bringing an interactive Bethesda exhibition to Melbourne for Melbourne International Games Week, on Friday 7 October and Saturday 8 October.

The event, called ‘Worlds of Bethesda’, is being set up at The Dove Club in the centre of the city. Fans will be able enter from 11am – 4:30pm to check out themed sections of the space, including an Elder Scrolls Online inspired Tamrielic tavern, a Fallout style Reclamation Day dining area, a ‘planetary exploration and anti-gravity’ space room inspired by Starfield, as well as a Redfall-themed ‘survivor HQ’.

Bethesda note that these are ‘non-gameplay’ experiences, but will include goodies for attendees, including a super limited edition collectible passport and goodie bag. Attendees who bring their own Xbox One/X/S controllers can also have them airbrushed and themed around their favourite Bethesda game from modder WeAreRobots. There’ll also be prizes, including custom Redfall and Starfield PC’s built by AfterShockPCs, an ESO ‘Breton Chilly Chest’ and Starfield merch.

There’ll also be gaming booths open for Bethesda’s already-released games, including Skyrim, DOOM Eternal and Fallout 4.

Tickets are free and available at Eventbrite, with certain sessions aimed towards 18+ crowds, and others aimed at 15-17’s and those in need of a sensory friendly experience. There’s also one late night ‘party’ session at 7PM – Midnight on Friday.