The Worlds of Bethesda Are Here In Melbourne

October 7, 2022

If you’re a massive gamer or a big fan of Bethesda, you might already know that this year marks the 35th anniversary of the Fallout franchise. With a big anniversary and in-person gaming events returning worldwide, it’s no surprise that Bethesda are running their own experience this weekend with Worlds of Bethesda, and we got a chance to check it out before it opened to the public.

Before going any further, the one thing that should be mentioned is that Worlds of Bethesda isn’t going to give you an opportunity to play upcoming and unreleased Bethesda game. Instead, the experience is more built around creating an environment that immerses you in the worlds that Bethesda has created or is creating.

As soon as you walk into the experience you’re surrounded by fake movie posters, a tiny gazebo and red lights, all there to remind you of Arkane’s upcoming Redfall. Along with the remnants of staked vampires dusting the walls, there’s also a small dancefloor and a DJ with footage of the game running on a projector behind them. It’s a cool little space and fits what we know of the style in the game.

Moving out of the Redfall area, which is easily the largest space there, you’ll find a small Elder Scrolls Online themed tavern room tucked away in the back. Complete with candelabra, plenty of metal tankards and a lovely treasure chest, it’s reminiscent of the sort of space you expect to find in a game like Skyrim.

Next up is the smallest space of the lot, with the Starfield space being a small room almost more like a walkway than a room itself. The real centrepiece here is the massive statue of your robot companion in the game, which is great for taking photos with. Continuing through here, there’s also the chance to get your Xbox controller customised with some small artwork by We Are Robots.

Finally, is the last and probably the best part of the experience; the Fallout kitchen. This space looks like exactly what we’d expect from a kitchen in the Fallout universe, and there’s plenty of cool and unique things to see. There’s a giant Vaultboy statue in between a couple of stations where you can play some Fallout 76, and also a donut wall that makes a pixel art Vaultboy. There isn’t necessarily much room to move, but it’s still worth getting in there and taking a look.

Unfortunately, tickets have already run out for Worlds of Bethesda, but for those lucky enough to have gotten a ticket you’re in for a swell time.