Monster Hunter Rise Announced For Nintendo Switch

September 18, 2020

With the massive success of Monster Hunter World, it’s easy to forget that in the past the Monster Hunter series has found the most success of portable platforms. Taking your game with you and playing with friends in person was part of the magic of the portable entries to the series. Recognising that and also seeing the success of the Switch, Capcom have announced a new exclusive game for the system Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is inspired by the Monster Hunter Portable series of games, but also includes some of the QoL enhancements that came from World. That includes seamless open areas and four player local and online co-op. For new additions we have the Wirebug, a new grapple mechanic that allows you to grapple onto anything, while there’s also a new companion- the Palamute. Your Palamute will assist you in combat, but can also be mounted and ridden around the environment. The game is also touted to run at 30fps.

There’s still not too many details available for Monster Hunter Rise, but that will change in the near future, with more details scheduled to be provided at TGS. So keep your eyes open for more info on Rocket Chainsaw as it becomes available.