Gamescom 2019: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Alpha Comes Exclusively To PS4

August 20, 2019

Gamescom 2019 is always full of fun surprises and kicking things off this morning we learnt that there will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive Call of Duty Modern Warfare alpha, ahead of the game’s more extensive beta testing next month.

The trailer reveals that there will be five maps to try out in the Modern Warfare alpha: Stack, King, Speedball, Docks and Pine.

Rocket Chainsaw has been following the Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer closely, right from when details about perks and game modes leaked. We also covered the first Modern Warfare multiplayer trailer which you can check out here.

The Modern Warfare alpha weekend is available to anyone with a PlayStation 4 and an active PS+ subscription, and will begin on August 23, and will only include the 2v2 Gunfight gameplay mode where players have just one life each round, giving us a glimpse of what’s in store when the game launches in two months.

Watch the official Gamescom 2019 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Alpha on PS4 announcement trailer below:


Time to hit up your wingman.

Awarded “Best Online Multiplayer” by Game Critics Best of E3 2019, Modern Warfare multiplayer delivers a thrilling and game-changing online experience with best-in-class down the barrel gameplay, along with an all-new level of strategic and tactical play. Players can jump into new play spaces that redefine Call of Duty multiplayer, from quick-action, close-quarters 2 vs. 2 experiences in Gunfight, traditional 6 vs. 6 multiplayer gameplay, modes that support 10 vs. 10 and 20 vs. 20 firefights, along with high-player count maps and combat, such as the all-new Ground War, an epic large-scale mode supporting more than 100-players.  And, that’s just the beginning for Modern Warfare fans.

The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare launches on October 25, 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC platforms. For more information, head to the official Call of Duty website.