[Leak] Call of Duty Modern Warfare Perks, Singleplayer & Multiplayer Details Revealed

July 7, 2019

It’s the information we’ve been waiting for, Youtuber TheGamingRevolution has today shared a whole stack of information about the next iteration in the Call of Duty franchise, including a full list of Modern Warfare perks, gun perks, as well as a synopsis for the single-player and some multiplayer mode info too.

The single-player leak includes who you will play as, and why the enemy is coming for you. It explains there will be three main antagonists. Check out the full Call of Duty Modern Warfare synopsis courtesy of TheGamingRevolution:

During the campaign you play to hunt down 3 main villains. One is called “The wolf” who you try to defend in a 13 hours (The Movie) like situation but fail. Nick E. Tarabay is the other villain. The last villain is a general that jails you and your brother Hidr in the game. He jails you because you are the brother and sister in the mission where you play as children. In this mission you first end up under rubble and see your dead mom on your right. You use a brick to signal other people that you’re under this rubble. Your father finds you and the enemy a.i. roll up and gas the place. Your dad gets you back to your houes and an enemy comes in and you have to sneak around him stabbing him in the leg. You survive the gas by killing this giant man and taking his gas mask. You try to proceed and steal a vehicle but this general sees you and jails you and your brother who are main characters in MW’s campaign.

The multiplayer leak includes a new game mode called Cyber Attack, and explains how it is similar yet different to SnD. Check it out, courtesy of TheGamingRevolution, below:

Cyber Attack is a game mode where each team has a super computer on their side of the map, and the teams will fight over an EMP bomb that is used to explode it. If an enemy plants the bomb, the defending team has maybe 10-20 seconds to diffuse it. Unlike SnD, the game doesn’t end when the bomb is diffused. Instead that team must now try to plant it on the enemy’s computer to try and blow it up. Basically first to blow up the enemies computer wins, or eliminating their entire team. Unlike SnD, when teammates go down, another teammate can go to their body and revive them.

Modern Warfare Perks

Lastly a full list of Call of Duty Modern Warfare perks as well as gun perks has been compiled. It’s a decent list and any CoD multiplayer fan should enjoy reading through it. Have a look below:

Call of Duty Modern Warfare PERKS:

– Munitions: works like over kill

– High alert: Works like perception from infinite warfare

– tune up: carry an extra lethal

– restock: lethal and tacticals recharging over time

– double time: Triples the duration of super sprint ( new mechanic that allows you to sprint very fast like bayonet charge, ads times are very slow if you try to break out of super sprint)

– Spot on: engineer

– Battle hardened: Tac mask

– heavy metal: killstreaks kills are counting towards your killstreak meter.

– Scavenger: pick up ammo from dead enemies

– Shrapnel: Lethals increases the time it take for the enemy to regenerate health.

– Cold blooded: allows you to be immune to uav and AI streaks

– Ghost: (might work differently in this game)

– EOD: flak jacket

– hunter: allows you to see enemy footprints on the surface

– Bounty hunter: Allows enemies on 3 killstreak or higher to have bounty on their head, once you kill them you get the same amount of streak points (needs to be nerfed IMO, you should only get a half of their streak).

– Warhead: increases rocket launcher reload speed


– there is a perk for snipers that allows them to have infinite breath.

– Skulker: Increase crouch movement speed

– Sleight of hand: Faster reload speed

– Super sonic: bullets that fly near enemies disorients them, like the OP mod on the titan from bo4.

– Mo’ money: More xp for headshots

– Bayonet: attaches a melee to your gun

– Ricochet: makes your bullets ricochet off of terrain

– Sensor: allows enemies shots to appear on the mini map

– Glacial: bullets causes enemies to slow down a bit.

– (something) shots: causes enemies regen to be delayed.

– FMJ.

These gun perks are interchangeable and some of them might turn into an attachment or something else. Edit: tgr said there is around 30 gun perks.


leak 1 explains how these work, you can put only 1 on class

– Deploy able shield: allows you to put down a tactical shield that you can use as cover

– Supply box: Allows you to pick up ammo that allows you to equip your gun with high caliber rounds, increases damage and penetration, (i think it might be for one mag, or reset back to normal after death like crash’s supply box)

– Trophy system

– Tac insert

– Deadly silence: temporarily makes you faster, silencing your footsteps and making the enemies footsteps louder for you.

– EMP plane: Flies an rc plane with an EMP bomb that can destroy killstreaks (Opinion: this might sound op on paper, but its like an emp grenade thrown by an rc plane instead of you throwing it.)

Things are still being balanced.


– Frag Grenade

– Semtex

– C4

– Throwing knives

– Molotov

– Proxy mine

– Claymore

– thermite


– Flashbang

– concussion

– Smoke grenade

– Stim shot: there is auto regen in MP, but this one works like nano shot from infinite warfare, makes you regen health way faster

– Snapshot: outlines enemy within a radios

– Heart beat sensor

– Decoy grenade: creates fake ping on enemies minimap

 Gas grenades: function like the gas in WW2

modern warfare perks

Remember to consume the Modern Warfare perks, gun perks, etc. information with utmost caution due to the fact that it could all be fake, however it’s looking like a pretty solid list from a reputable source. More is expected to come soon, so stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw as we patiently await some decent gameplay footage ahead of the game’s release in 3 months.

The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare launches on October 25, 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC platforms. For more information, head to the official Call of Duty website.