Rumour: PS5 Sales Topped 3.4 Million In First 4 Weeks

December 30, 2020

Pokemon Go Fanatics

Both before and after its November 12th release, the PS5 has been nigh on impossible to get for many people. Constantly sold out and with retailers seemingly only getting small shipments, it’s been luck of the draw for many. With Sony coy on providing actual sales numbers, this could have either been an indication of incredibly low stock or incredibly high demand. A report from DigiTimes has now indicated that this is very much the latter and that PS5 sales have been massive so far.

The report indicates that Sony have shipped 3.4 million PS5 consoles so far, with sales to consumers likely being nearly 1:1 given the lack of stock in stores. This tracks with Sony’s figureless comments that PS5 launch sales were the largest in company history, bettering the record set by the PS4 in 2013. The report also indicates that Western regions were prioritised with this shipments, which marries up with the relatively low Japanese sales so far, but expects this to level out in the coming months.

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Digitimes also indicates that Sony seems to be planning to ship between 16.8-18 million PS5 consoles in 2021, which should go a long way to addressing the availability issues currently faced by consumers. Assuming we don’t have a Wii level fervour for the console over the next couple of years that is.