PlayStation Sells Big in 2015

March 2, 2016

Following on from the IGEA’s annual Australian industry results announcement this morning, Sony has taken to the presses to reveal some very impressive sales results for 2015, including a recording breaking Christmas week and December for the PlayStation brand.

Following trends set around the world, the PlayStation 4 was the best selling console in Australia in 2015, accounting for 59% of total unit sales between itself, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s WiiU. These impressive sales contributed to the total 5.9 million PlayStation 4’s sold through to consumers in 2015 and the total of 35.9 million sold through since the console was released in 2013.

As well as boasting impressive console sales, the PlayStation 4 also boasted some incredibly impressive software sales, accounting for 49.1% of the dollar spendĀ for software sales across all currently available console generations in Australia.

With what many considered to be a relatively sparse first party offering, the PlayStation 4 still continues to break records and see massive sales worldwide. It will be interesting to see just how well it does this year, with titles like Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4, No Man’s Sky and Horizon: Zero Dawn scheduled for release.