Magic: The Gathering launches 2024 APC League with Lunar New Year celebration

January 30, 2024

Wizards Play Network has announced that Magic: The Gathering‘s APAC League events for 2024 will begin with a Lunar New Year Celebration, followed by four seasons of qualifiers leading up to the championship event in December.

The APAC League is a Standard-focused League event series, while the Lunar New Year Celebration will take place between 10 February and 31 March, running Standard, Sealed and Booster Draft events. As it’s the Year of the Dragon, there is a dragon-themed tie-in, with players who participate in the event receiving one of each of the below cards while stocks last.

Additionally, the four seasons of the APAC league will span four set releases across the year. Here’s the breakdown, with the season’s respective sets and promo cards:

  • Qualifier Season 1 (Standard format)

    • Set: Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Promo: Steel Hellkite.

  • Qualifier Season 2 (Modern, Standard, Draft, or Sealed format)

    • Set: Modern Horizons 3. Promo: Full-Art Mountain.

  • Qualifier Season 3 (Standard format)

    • Set: Bloomburrow. Promo: Korvold, Fae-Cursed King.

  • Qualifier Season 4 (Standard format)

    • Set: Duskmourn: House of Horror. Promo: Dragon Tempest.

The locations for the grand finale of the season, the end-of-year championship event, have yet to be announced. You can read about the season in further detail on WPN’s official website.