Krome Studios website relaunches, teases more Ty

July 27, 2012

Surprising news today, as troubled Australian development house Krome Studios relaunches their official website, and teases a new Ty the Tasmanian Tiger game while they’re at it.

Founded in 1999, Krome rapidly grew to become a a powerhouse Australian game studio, opening offices in Melbourne and Adelaide alongside the Brisbane based headquarters. Though largely off the back of the successful Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series, Krome played a hand in the development of numerous other titles, including Viva Piñata: Party Animals, Wii and DS iterations of several Star Wars games, as well as a handful of The Legend of Spyro titles.

Unfortunately, like many studios, Krome was a victim of this generation’s turbulent industry, reporting massive lay offs across 2010. Rumoured complete closure of the company was shot down by CEO Robert Welsh, who confirmed that Krome still operated to some degree. Since then, Krome has been busy working on smaller games, such as last year’s Full House Poker for Xbox LIVE Arcade and Windows Phone 7.

As mentioned, Krome’s website reboot comes complete with a snappy image teasing the return of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. And that’s about it. Though we know nothing about the game, the size and scale of the image implies to us that we might just be looking at something for iOS.

Whatever it is, we’ll be sure to report on the return of one of Australian’s most well known gaming icons as soon as it’s official.