Katsuhiro Harada Says Wii U CPU Clock Is “Kinda Low”

July 12, 2012

Although Reggie stated recently that the Wii U is a “tremendously powerful system”, it seems that Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada would disagree. He’s currently developing Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and he had a few things to say about Nintendo’s upcoming console.

As far as graphical processing and such, it’s not much of an issue. But as far as the CPU goes, the clock is kinda low. I guess they’re trying to keep power consumption down so we have to come up with creative ways to get around that and that’s taking a little bit of time. For example, on PS3 it was kind of difficult at first, but if you made good use of the different cores, you could split up the processing tasks and you could achieve very good effects. But this is a different issue to that.

Nintendo have remained optimistic about the console’s future though, with president Satoru Iwata saying:

Other companies might launch a next-generation console with more power, but we don’t necessarily think that the difference between the Wii U and such console will be as drastic as what you felt it was between the Wii and the other consoles because there will be fewer and fewer differentiators in graphics. Naturally, some consumers are very sensitive about such a small difference in graphics so that we will make efforts to make the most of the performance of the Wii U to keep up with technological innovations and not to make the system out-of-date soon.

It’s hard to say exactly what the future will bring, since nothing definite is known about either Microsoft or Sony’s next-gen console at this point. Nintendo seems confident, but will their stance prove to be a wise one? What do you think?