Reggie Says Wii U Is The Only Console You’ll Need

June 22, 2012

Speaking to IGN, Reggie Fils-Aime (the president of Nintendo of America) had a few things to say about Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console. Calling it a “tremendously powerful system”, he went on to describe what he considers to be the viewpoint of the average consumer. He said:

“We’re about to launch a tremendously powerful system. A system that pushes out great graphics, a system that has an opportunity to do a lot of things. What I’ve heard the fan community say is, I want my Mario, I want my Zelda, and I want the best of third-party. And that’s what we’re looking to bring to consumers.

I think in the end, the consumer choice is going to be… Once I buy my Wii U, that satisfies my Nintendo cravings and my cravings for all of these other great multi-platform franchises, then what is the role of a competitive platform? It’s going to have to live on the backs of some sort of unique proposition, or unique content. And to me that’s the million-dollar question. Of our potential competitors down the road, who’s going to have that compelling content that’s going to say, hey, now I need to branch out and pick up this additional system? I think it’s for them to answer.”

The consumers certainly will answer, but whether they will favour the Wii U or not remains to be seen until the console launches later this year. The issues of generating unique propositions and content are something that Nintendo will also need to worry about, though they’ve certainly made some efforts to establish the Wii U as a true successor to the highly popular Wii. So, what do you think of Reggie’s comments? Let us know in the comments.