Interactive Just Cause 4 Map Reveals More Details

September 2, 2018

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that some of us here at Rocket Chainsaw are obsessed with maps in video games, how big they are, what’s where, how many different biomes there are, and when we can get our hands on it. Just Cause 4 has been an enigma since it was announced, and while other games revealed their maps at E3 or at other times over the past few months, the Just Cause 4 map has been rather late to join the party.

Today Square Enix and Avalanche Studios uploaded an interactive Just Cause 4 map to the official website. You can scroll around the map and click on a few key points including the capital city of Solis, Nueva Vos. Unfortunately you can’t zoom terribly far in on the map but we can still make out many outposts and towns, particularly in the coastal areas.

Head to the official interactive Just Cause 4 map page here.

The upcoming fourth game in the growing action-adventure franchise comes towards the end of the holiday season of games, and Avalanche Studios has said the map will be more vertical than ever, meaning although the actual map size is similar to Just Cause 3, the new game will take longer to traverse. It also helps that there’s far less water this time around.

Here’s the full map for those that just want to check out the entire Just Cause 4 map at once:

Interactive Just Cause 4 Map

Rocket Chainsaw has been closely following Just Cause 4’s development since the game was officially announced at E3 2018, being detailed at length during the Square Enix Press Conference, and we have already revealed via a leak on Steam that there will be upcoming expansions named Daredevils, Demons & Danger. Also check out this amazing Just Cause 4 Tornado Gameplay trailer.

Just Cause 4 is scheduled to launch on December 4 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC platforms.