Gran Turismo Sport Open Beta Next Week

October 6, 2017

Gran Turismo Sport is less than two weeks away, but in the mean time Polyphony Digital plans to hold an open beta event beginning on Monday the 9th of October, running through until Thursday the 12th.

With the recently released Project Cars 2 and Xbox exclusive Forza Motorsport 7, the heat is on for Polyphony Digital to produce a solid racer for the critically acclaimed Gran Turismo franchise.

The Gran Turismo Sport Open Beta will not require a PS+ membership to participate, and will include the following:


1. 3 Tracks (Northern Isle, Dragon Trail, Colorado) Sport Mode
2. Daily Races Only
3. Campaign Mode
4. School – 8 Events
5. Missions – Stage 1 and 6
6. Circuit Experience – 3 Tracks
7. Race Etiquette – Not included


Daily Workout One vehicle unlock for every 26 miles driven per day.
1. 4 Day demo, 4 vehicles Campaign Mode
2. Missions Stage 1 completion – Group 4 vehicle
3. Missions Stage 6 completion – Group 6 vehicle

Elements transferable to full game (Details to be confirmed)

1. Cars
2. Currency + Experience Points
3. Driver Profile including Sportsmanship + Driver Rating

Gran Turismo Sport already had a closed beta for a lucky small amount of PlayStation 4 owners, but it looks like Polyphony Digital are wanting to give the public a chance to scrutinise certain aspects of the game before its launch so they can have a working patch ready for launch or soon after.

And now that you’ve got all that, check out these three new Gran Turismo Sport trailers to get you ready for the game’s launch in just 11 days time:




Gran Turismo Sport launches on October 17 exclusively for PlayStation 4.