Gran Turismo Sport coming November, New Trailer (Updated with Australian details)

May 20, 2016

The first PlayStation 4 installment of the Gran Turismo series, Gran Turismo Sport, will finally find its way to racing fans’ homes this November, the 15th in North America and Japan, the 16th in Europe and the 18th in the UK (and presumably, Australia).  we have heard from PlayStation Australia that the game will launch exclusively on PS4 in Australia on 16 November, 2016.

The game will feature multiple race classes, including GT3, Prototype and Rally, and will introduce new modes such as ‘Scapes’, which allow you to insert any of your in-game cars into high-resolution real world photos to show off their high-polygon-count beauty.

A Limited Edition will be available, coming with a ‘GT Sport Starter Pack’ of eight cars ready from the outset, $1MM in in-game credit, a livery sticker pack, 30 x GT Sport PS4 Avatars, a ‘racing helmet’ for your customised driver profile and limited steelbook packaging. Update: The Standard Edition will be AU $99.95, a ‘ Bonus Edition’ will be the same price, the Steelbook Edition will be AU $119.95 and a Collector’s Edition including a miniature Mercedes AMG GTS and car lover’s guide will be AU $199.95.

A new gameplay trailer, showing off Gran Turismo Sport running on PS4 has also been released. Check it out below!