Win These Limited Edition Game of Thrones Xbox One S All Digital Consoles

May 9, 2019

Microsoft and HBO have joined up for one of the coolest and hottest competitions we’ve seen giving fans the chance to win a limited edition Game of Thrones Xbox One S All Digital console.

The Night King has his last hurrah with a special Night King themed icy console, while fan-favourite latte sipping mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen also gets a fiery console designed in recognition of her house. There will also be a special Game of Thrones themed console given to a third winner, with details on that prize a little sketchy though you can read the full T’s & C’s here.

All three consoles can be won simply by liking a Facebook post or retweeting a tweet. Check out the full details after these sweet pics of the Game of Thrones Xbox One S All Digital consoles:

Game of Thrones has just two episodes left where fans are expecting loose ends to tie up and an epic battle at Kings Landing, the capital of Westeros and the seven kingdoms. Nobody yet knows who will win the Game of Thrones, but one thing is certain and that is more favourite character deaths.

To enter the competitions to win these iconic Game of Thrones Xbox One S All Digital consoles, check out the official Facebook and Twitter posts below:

Click Here to go to the Official Facebook Game of Thrones Xbox One S Competition Post

Rocket Chainsaw confidently revealed a rumour that the Xbox One S All Digital console would launch on May 7 back in March, and here we are with the console having just launched and now an epic competition underway from Microsoft and HBO. For more on Game of Thrones head to the official HBO website here.