GAME COPS Episode #2: Silent Hill: Revelengeance

March 10, 2013

2013, Melbourne, Australia. A warm summers night, walkways glow in the soothing luminescence of weary streetlamps. A fit of laughter, clanging of trashcans, and stray cat in heat: the only sounds to spike above the droning white noise made up of an endless stream of passing vehicles and blank-stared pedestrians going about their mundane lives. Shots fired. Screams. A baby cries. When streets of gaming overflow with crime, only the harshest justice prevails. Tonight…there will be hell to pay.

In Episode 2 of Rocket Chainsaw’s GAME COPS, fittingly titled Silent Hill: Revelengeance, Adam, Anthony, and Jarrod discuss their thoughts on Sony’s imaginary console, the PlayStation 4, what the insides of Nintendo of Australia look like (and maybe something about video games), cyborg ninjas, Lara’s new groove, and endure the horrific Silent Hill: Revelations 3D.

Join us for laughs. For tears. And for a whole lot of stupid.

[youtube id=”GiW3oRq_NUA” width=”600″ height=”350″]