Rocket Chainsaw’s second New Game Plus episode airs on TV next Monday

June 22, 2012

It’s that time of the month once again – which is great news, because that means Rocket Chainsaw is back on TV on Channel 31’s New Game Plus.

On 25 May at 10:30 PM on Melbourne’s Channel 31, Adam and Anthony will discuss ‘4 Terrible Video Game Movies That We Actually (Kind Of) Like’ on the spaceship Rocket Chainsaw, with some shocking insights into just how twisted their tastes really are.

The episode will also be available to view online after it has gone to air on the New Game Plus website.

Thanks once again to the guys at New Game Plus! Also a special shout-out to Dean Ashton, who co-directed this first season of Rocket Chainsaw segments, as well as created that lovely space backdrop and cheerful tune featured every episode.