Rocket Chainsaw on TV tomorrow!

May 27, 2012

New Game Plus will be running a monthly segment created by Rocket Chainsaw, starting on Monday, 28 May, at 10:30 PM on Melbourne’s Channel 31.

The segment will feature a rotating roster of the site’s three editors – Adam, Anthony and Jarrod – as we countdown several intriguing and improbable lists. First up are ‘3 Horrible E3 Predictions That Will Probably Come True’, with Adam and Jarrod kicking things off, on the bridge of the Rocket Chainsaw (a space-ship powered by trivia in the TV show).

The episode will also be available to view online after it has gone to air, on several services including an YouTube.

A huge thanks to the folk over at New Game Plus, as well as the community members from Rocket Chainsaw who have helped get this together!