GAME COPS Episode #1: The Adventures of Senic & Remen

February 8, 2013

Introducing Rocket Chainsaw’s very own video podcast: GAME COPS. Each episode chronicles our armchair, virtual gaming officers dispensing righteous justice upon all manner of interactive entertainment, high-and-mighty developers looking to be taken down a peg, and corruption within the industry entire. We’re loose cannons, and we are the law.

Or, in other words, we sit around shooting shit about video games, because that’s what we do best.

In our debut episode, titled “The Adventures of Senic and Remen” (It will make sense in time. Or it wont), Rocket Chainsaw regulars Adam Ghiggino, Anthony Capone, and Jarrod Mawson discuss the not-so-scary highs and lows of Dead Space 3, how the multiplayer beta of Crysis 3 is shaping up, what great games to look forward to in February, whether Sonic and Football Manager warrant a collaboration, and how best to take down The Patriots.

And because seeing is believing, we’ve enhanced our beautiful voices with assorted motion and still imagery. We made sure to snap some of our own gameplay footage of both Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3 too, allowing you to witness the horror of Isaac Clarke’s latest adventure, and marvel at how bad Jarrod is at multiplayer video games.

GAME COPS intends to be a regular feature, so make sure to let us know what you think.

[youtube id=”5lM64UyiVyE” width=”600″ height=”350″]