FIFA 20 Career Mode Gets Overhaul

August 8, 2019

With the conclusion of Alex Hunter’s Journey mode in FIFA 19, EA Sports has been busily working towards developing new features of the FIFA 20 career mode. In the past couple of iterations, career mode didn’t really have anything new or exciting and pretty much played out like a very standard sports game. While other sports games ventured forward with off-field or off-track antics, FIFA’s career mode was pretty much just a calendar of training and playing.

This is all about to change.

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FIFA 20 career mode introduces an ability to create and customise your manager, making him look and act the way you want. Customise their body, skin tone, clothing and hairstyle, and even decide what gender you want them to be. Players can now manage the morale of your team at a greater depth than ever before. Rotating your starting 11, managing wage expectations and more will affect how your players perform and their attitudes towards their manager and the team as a whole. Lastly, the FIFA 20 career mode introduces talking to the media. Interactive press conferences now put you in control off the field, and your answers to the media can affect yoru overall team charisma and morale.

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FIFA 20 Career Mode

Rocket Chainsaw reviewed FIFA 19 at launch last year, giving it four stars and saying it, “builds on ideas from past games and continues to provide soccer fans with more ways to play the world game. With an extensive Career Mode, an in-depth Ultimate Team mode, the all new Kick Off mode and several ways to play online with friends and randoms alike, FIFA 19 is a solid package.

FIFA 20 will launch worldwide on September 27, 2019 on Windows PC via EA Origin, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.