E3 2017: EA Unveils Battlefield 1 DLC – In The Name Of The Tsar

June 12, 2017

As expected, EA has revealed a new DLC for its hugely successful WWI shooter, Battlefield 1. At yesterday’s LIVE @ EA Play event, a swathe of new content was announced including 8 new maps, a new gameplay mode, and bonus content for Premium Pass owners.

The DLC itself, called In The Name Of The Tsar, looks to further explore the Russian involvement in WWI, bringing with it 6 new maps, as well as new weapons, vehicles and more. It will also mark the launch of new game mode ‘Supply Drop’, which will offer a little refreshment to committed BF1 online players.

Of significant note is the inclusion of the Women’s Battalion of Death; an all-female wing of the WWI Russian military, and the first female playable characters ever to be included in a Battlefield title. Historic news!

Premium Pass owners also have something to look forward to, with the promise of exclusive, monthly updates for holders of the pass. The first of these will include 2 new maps and will come in July.  The DLC will launch some time in September.

Check out the teaser trailer for In The Name Of The Tsar below: