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Battlefield V New Maps & Chapter 5 Details Revealed

E3 2019’s EA Play showcase is over and with it came a bundle of new information about many of Electronic Arts’ biggest games, including some Battlefield V new maps as well as details about what’s to come on the roadmap ahead.

The first new map dropping in July 2019 is called Marita, which continues the battle through Greece. This map is for infantry only, so tanks and planes will be grounded. Tight cobble streets, double story houses, a bell tower and steep slopes are all challenges that players will face as Allies attempt to keep control of the small town while the German forces approach from all angles. The Marita map is playable right now at EA Play, with fans suggesting the smaller map size will make for some fierce battles in tight spaces.

Other maps include Provence, Lofoten Islands, and Al Sundan (players will remember this map from the single-player war story Under No Flag), while Operation Underground is a new gameplay mode coming in October featuring some epic gunfights in an underground railway network.

Watch the full E3 2019 Battlefield V New Maps Gameplay Reveal Live from EA Play below:


Battlefield V new maps incoming! Chapter 4: Defying the Odds will evolve Battlefield V with new maps rolling out throughout the summer.

Continue the Battle of Greece on the narrow streets of Marita and face all-out war on the vast Al Sundan map. Get up-close and personal in Provence and Lofoten. Further down the road, enjoy the meat grinder of Operation Underground and the awakening of a giant in Chapter 5.

A sneak peek was also offered at Battlefield V Chapter 5, showing a new front where the series will revisit the Pacific for an all out war between the American forces and Japan. See how DICE has been meticulously re-creating iconic beaches, jungles and Japanese countryside for the upcoming Chapter 5.
Rocket Chainsaw reviewed Battlefield V at launch, giving it 4 stars and saying, “it’s looking like Battlefield V might be a long-term experience, particularly with all the promised post-launch content.” It looks like DICE and EA are set to deliver on these promises, giving players plenty of reasons to return to the battlefield.

The Battlefield V new maps are expected to start rolling out on June 27, 2019. Battlefield V is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. For more information, head to the official Battlefield V website.

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